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Can Do: Training Tech Workers For The Future

Maureen Lonergan, Director of Global Training and Certification for Amazon Web Services, or AWS.

What are the skills major tech companies are looking for in their workforce? What do businesses get for their investment in employee training? What type of workforce are we imagining for our economy a decade from now?

Learn more now with Can Do.

Representing 10 percent of the US economy and 8 percent of its workforce, technology is America’s fastest growing economic sector. And just like every other part of the economy, it has not escaped the COVID-19 pandemic unharmed. Twelve million jobs have been disrupted by many factors, including the quick shift to remote working, and vastly reduced business development travel and direct client engagement.

One immediate need is proper training. Eighty-seven percent technology employers say they can’t find workers with the needed skills.

To discuss these current issues and possible solutions we are joined today by Maureen Lonergan, Director of Global Training and Certification for Amazon Web Services, or AWS. Maureen has worked in IT training for 25 years and believes education to be the great equalizer.

Together with her team, Maureen develops training certifications for cloud-based technology, offering tech employees valuable instruction on applicable information. AWS currently offers 12 certification programs on subjects that range from machine learning to data analytics.

Beyond the certifications, AWS also offers over 500 free digital courses and shares its training content with more than 1,000 universities.

This is Can Do, a podcast that explores the business lessons essential for success in these volatile times. Can Do shares the insights of industry experts along with the experiences and advice of local businessmen and businesswomen.

Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or your career is affected by the current economic climate, these lessons will give you the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your future. I’m your host, Arnie Sherman.

Support for this episode of Can Do is provided by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, dedicated to investing in people to improve the quality of their lives.

Additional support comes from the Greater Montana Foundation, encouraging communication on issues, trends and values of importance to Montanans.

And Parsons Behle and Latimer, a regional law firm with national expertise, representing the interests of Montana entrepreneurs and businesses. More information at

Arnie Sherman's experiences as an entrepreneur, trade negotiator, strategic advisor, college professor and as the host of podcast, radio and television programs give him a singular perspective on life and the business world.
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