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Can Do: Reflex Protect's Goal Is A '21st-Century Fire Extinguisher For Violence'

Joe Anderson, co-founder of Reflex Protect
courtesy of Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson, co-founder of Reflex Protect

In July 1993, a gunman opened fire at the San Francisco law firm of Pettit & Martin, killing eight people and wounding six more. Several of the casualties were friends and former colleagues of Joe Anderson, who'd worked at the firm. Joe is an entertainment attorney, a fourth-generation Montanan from Shelby, and a serial entrepreneur. After the shooting, an enduring question haunted him: “Is there a reliable way to stop violence without being violent?”

Back in Montana, Joe met Steve Mangold, who’d invented an alternative to firearms: a pistol-style spray-head designed to precisely deliver self-defense gel indoors, up to a range of eighteen feet. In 2017, the two co-founded Reflex Protect, a safety company dedicated to providing non-lethal self-defense products and active-threat training. Joe said about their start-up, “We developed a product that’s a 21st-century fire extinguisher for violence.”

Joe describes how the 1993 shooting led to the founding of Reflex Protect in 2017: "I was involved in the gun debate and certainly took a position about gun control at the time. And then over time, I became dismayed that this conversation really was not going anywhere. I kind of just let it go, like I think a lot of people did. I was originally involved politically, but never in terms of my entrepreneurial work.  It wasn't until I moved back to Montana and Steve put the Reflex technology spray head in my hands and said, "I think this could be an alternative to a loaded gun in a nightstand drawer." And here's this fellow who's an NRA member, he's a hunter, he's a serious gun person - but like many serious gun people, he recognizes they're not always the solution; having options is a good thing. And when he put it my hands, I saw not just an alternative to a loaded gun in a nightstand drawer, but also something that, had it been in the receptionist's hands at Pettit & Martin, might have made my whole life different.

"I kind of knew at that moment that this was the time for me to get re-engaged in this question of violence in general and certainly gun violence in America, but having the opportunity to do so in a new way. Because we're really trying to reframe the debate away from where it's been, which has been very much a guns vs. no guns sort of black-and-white debate, into: Let's accept the way things are for a moment. Let's allow the debate to continue, of course. But: violence is. What can we do to actually deter or prevent or protect people from that violence? That's been a remarkable story for us."

Today on Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, we’re talking with Joe Anderson about his fascinating career, and why he believes a product like Reflex Protect could change the national conversation about guns. Joe joins us from his home in Missoula, Montana.

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