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'Overwinter' With Jeremy Pataky

Jeremy Pataky overwinters in Anchorage, Alaska, before spending early spring through late fall in McCarthy, Alaska. In this urban-rural migration, Jeremy maintains an impressive resume, publishing poems, essays, as well as Edible Alaska magazine. He also directs 49 Writers, a literary nonprofit in the 49th state. In this conversation, Jeremy addresses the nature of his ice-obsessed poetry, and what it means to listen to voices of the north, as we grapple with a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

To hear the conversation with Jeremy Pataky about his collection of poems, Overwinter, click the link above or subscribe to our podcast. 

About the Book: 

Jeremy Pataky's debut collection encounters the wildness of the far north and the self in a context of familial and romantic love. Remote settings provide both a solace and challenge where the speaker's aloneness resists loneliness in full, and fully imagined, places. This is not a static vision, though; the present harkens back to a verdant but distant past. Nor is it a silent world. These poems reconcile the natural quiet and sounds of wilderness with the clamor of built environments. These poems bridge the urban and rural, unifying them through an eros that is by turns fevered and serene. The book is haunted by all those the poet has loved, and they survive in the hidden places sculpted by language. 

Credit Dean Davis
Jeremy Pataky

 About the Author:

Jeremy Pataky is the author of Overwinter (University of Alaska Press). His poetry and essays have appeared in journals including Colorado Review, Black Warrior Review, The Southeast Review, Cirque, Camas, Ice Floe, Left-Facing Bird, Anchorage Press, Chatter Marks, and many other journals. His work has been included in several anthologies, including Sweet Water, Poems for the Watersheds; Bright Bones: Contemporary Montana Writing; Refugium: Poems for the Pacific, and others. Jeremy earned an MFA at the University of Montana and a BA at Western Washington University. He co-publishes Edible Alaska magazine and splits his time between Anchorage and McCarthy, Alaska.

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