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The Moth Mainstage Brings Personal Stories To Missoula

The Moth Mainstage is coming to Missoula, April 4 2019.
Courtesy Roger Ho
The Moth Mainstage is coming to Missoula, April 4 2019.

The Moth Mainstage is coming to Missoula April 4 for an evening of stories shared live at The Wilma. Five storytellers take the stage and share true, personal stories involving Occasional Magic. Stories of deception and redemption, sparkly interventions and divine introspections. Abracadabra, kismet and beyond.

Executive Producer Sarah Austin Jenness talks with MTPR's Michael Marsolek about the personal stories that make up the event.

"I think that people are turning to these very personal stories in droves in a deeper way. They want community and they want to feel that connection from this human experience. And that's what every single Moth story will give you. It'll give you a little glimpse of someone else's life, what it's like to walk in their shoes, but also what it's like to be more similar than different, " Austin Jeness says.

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