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Can Do: Making A Product Good Enough For Your Dog

Spencer Williams, founder and CEO of West Paw, based in Bozeman, MT. Nov. 27, 2018
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Spencer Williams, founder and CEO of West Paw, based in Bozeman, MT. Nov. 27, 2018

Spencer Williams, founder of West Paw, was just 23 years old when he began manufacturing pet toys in Bozeman, Montana. The newly-minted entrepreneur reveled in the chance to try out new, untested strategies, which in turn fueled his entrepreneurial drive. “That’s what gets me excited about business,” Williams says.

In the 22 years since, Williams has stuck by another founding motivation for getting into business: positively impacting his community by hiring employees locally and making a difference in their lives.

Today on “Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs,” host Arnie Sherman and Williams talk about how you get multiple returns when your end consumer doesn’t have a wallet or a credit card – and is covered in fur. 

West Paw has always focused on making a high-quality and safe product, which is why from the business offices to the sewing machines, the company is based in Bozeman, Montana. West Paw employs over 75 people to supply safe, eco-friendly pet toys to thousands of retailers in more than 30 countries. In 2013, the company became the first pet products manufacturer to earn B Corporation sustainability certification. Their goal is to create an experience between a pet and its human that creates joy and connection.

Listen and learn from Spencer Williams about his leadership role in a $72 billion industry that serves over 180 million cats and dogs in the U.S. alone.

Thanks to Peak Recording in Bozeman, Montana for their help in recording this episode.

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