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The Essentials Of An American Classic: Chili


You need three key ingredients for a proper chilli dish: meat, beer, and of course, chilli peppers. Our Food Guys, Jon Jackson and Greg Patent are passionate that Chili powder IS NOT CHILI.

Chunks of meat, beer and fresh ingredients are essential for a good chili. Chili powder is not chili folks! So don't go to the grocery store and buy a pack of powder when you can easily make a great chili by using fresh peppers! "The Food Guys" explain how.

There are various chili peppers, all ranging in spice intensity. Whichever you choose, take the seeds out, chop up the peppers and sauté them. Five to six chilis is not too much, depending how spicy you like it.

Then, add meat, which should be cut into one-inch chunks (we suggest lamb or pork). Let the meat brown. Add beans, tomatos, beer, and always toast your cumin! (3-4 tablespoons in a stove or pan in the oven). Feel free to add some turmeric and paprika too. Cook for a good long time until the meat is tender. Then voila! you have a go-to one dish meal.

So again,what you need for chili:
-Meat (your choice)
-Chili peppers (no powder please)
-Optional spices: turmeric and paprika.

Listen in now for more tips from "The Food Guys."

(Broadcast: "The Food Guys," 07/08/18. Listen weekly on the radio at 11:50 a.m. Sundays, or via podcast.)