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Can Do: From Missoula Startup To International Manufacturer

A screen capture from, March 8, 2018.
A screen capture from, March 8, 2018.

"Challenges can be construed as opportunities. Challenges can also be construed as obstacles. The one thing that I learned when we first started this company was that everything was an opportunity, and every opportunity we needed to chase."

That’s Larry Kolb, the co-founder and U.S. president of TSI Health Sciences, a manufacturer of functional health care products sold in over 35 countries across the world.  In this episode of "Can Do," Larry shares how he co-founded and grew a multifaceted, international business from Missoula, Montana.
Larry’s background is in sales and marketing strategies in personal care, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Twenty-two years ago he and his business partner, Joe Zhou, a Chinese national working as a research scientist at Amway, teamed up to form TSI Health Sciences. The company now manufactures, distributes and performs analytical tests on a variety of health care supplements for consumers of all ages. On this episode of "Can Do," Larry Kolb talks about his trailblazing experience in the world of global health and business.

This week you’ll learn about how to choose the perfect business partner; how to manage a company that spans several cultures; and how to self-finance growth and innovation.

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