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Can Do: Missoula Company Wins With Designer Compression Socks

A screen capture from the Vim&Vigr website showing some of the compression socks they make.
A screen capture from the Vim&Vigr website showing some of the compression socks they make.

"I feel that the community here ... not only Missoula, but the state of Montana, has been overwhelming, and I don't know if we would've been this successful if we had launched anywhere else," says Michelle Huie, founder and CEO of Vim&Vigr, a company based in Missoula, Montana that makes and sells fashionable compression legwear for men and women.

Today on “Can Do," host Arnie Sherman talks with Huie about how she grew her business exponentially in just four short years, and what she's learned along the way.

Originally from New York, Huie arrived to Montana in 2012. She founded Vim&Vigr after realizing that there was a large market for compression socks among people experiencing leg pain as a result of sitting or standing at work all day. Huie combined her background in healthcare and biotechnology with her own personal fashion sense to create designer socks with health benefits for both women and men. Since then, Vim&Vigr has sold over 250,000 pairs of compression socks online and sells in over 1,100 retail locations domestically and internationally.

This week you’ll learn about the importance of giving your business room to grow organically, the advantages of starting a business in a small community and what factors to consider before making important managerial decisions. Listen and learn now on "Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs."

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