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Imported From California: Time And Peonies


Once I entered the poems, hers was the only world I was certain of. Each poem reads almost like a chapter in a novel. There is softness, strength, and sureness in Rosie’s tellings. Try to stop after reading and savoring just one poem; go ahead, I dare you! —Patrice Vecchione, Step into Nature: Nurturing Imagination and Spirit in Everyday Life 

Some nights you’re blessed

among trees

people you’ve never seen

mingle warmth from hand to hand

and melt

until they are beams of light woven into a rope

that tugs you in

where a man whose eyes sparkle into yours

lifts his young girl

this is my daughter

she puts her face close to yours

you say hello beauty

she smiles hello love

the light of day

 the splash of water on your face  

daffodils burning in their blue and white vase

the calendar open to two jays on a branch

it’s Spring  

the first day

About the Book:

In Time and Peonies, Rosie King delves deeply into poems of family and childhood, the community of friends, loss and joy. She has become attuned to what Kenneth Rexroth calls luminous moments. Her poems are infused with a lucid abundance, a kindness and charity that enlarges the spirit. Even in the face of loss she salvages hope and courage— “and I’m filled again/with a crush of old sweetness/at how giving a moment can be as it vanishes.” These are poems that shine like river stones, polished by long immersion in the waters of the spirit.

—Joseph Stroud, author of Of This World, New and Selected Poems 1966–2006 

Credit Paula Kimbro
Rosie King

About the Author:

Rosie King was born in Saginaw, Michigan. A graduate of Wellesley College, she came west in 1966 and did her master’s degree at San Francisco State and her doctorate in Literature at UC Santa Cruz where she taught beginning poets and wrote a dissertation on the poetry of H.D. Her poems have appeared in various journals, and four poems from her first book, Sweetwater, Saltwater (Hummingbird Press, 2007), and three from her second, Time and Peonies (Hummingbird Press, 2017) were read by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac. When not traveling, she makes her home, with pond, fruit trees, and garden, near the beach in Santa Cruz.