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Can Do: How Edible Crickets Fuel This Montana Business

Cricket Cookie.
Courtesy Cowboy Cricket Farms
Cricket Cookie.

"It was during the time of the bug buffet at MSU. I was seeing all these people there having fun trying these insects, they were eating them. So went home and I said, 'James, I want to start a cricket farm,'" says Kathy Rolin. Kathy and her husband James founded Cowboy Cricket Farms.

Kathy and James Rolin join host Arnie Sherman to share lessons learned while building their edible cricket business in Belgrade, Montana, in this episode of "Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs."

This week you'll learn that strange ideas can lead to full-fledged alternative businesses; that collaboration and partnership between startups result in mutual benefit and growth; and that a cricket can be baked into a cookie that provides you with a meal's worth of protein. Tune in now on "Can Do."

This podcast is made possible with support from the Greater Montana Foundation.


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