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Reducing Montana's Power Plant Carbon Emissions By 21%

Randy Stiles

As part of a plan to address climate change, a proposed 2014 EPA rulewould reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants nationwide by an average of 30% by 2030. (Montana's proposed target is 21%.) The EPA's Clean Power Plan has directed states to develop strategies to reduce CO emissions. In response, Montana's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has begun a process of analysis and community dialogueScenarios on the table range from dramatically ramping up energy efficiency at power and refining plants to increasing Montana's reliance on renewable sources of energy (solar, wind, and hydro) by 250% to sequestering CO2.

Brian Kahn talks with Dave Klemp, Bureau Chief of the Air Resources Management Bureau (ARMB) in the Montana DEQ; and Bob Morrison, President and CEO of Morrison-Maierle, Inc., a Montana engineering firm.

(Broadcast: "Home Ground Radio," 1/11/14. Listen weekly on the radio, Sundays at  11:10 a.m., or via podcast.)

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