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What's plaguing Paris and why are Catholics gathering in Rome? Find out in the quiz

Who wore it better?
Westend61/Getty Images, Vincenzo Pinto/AFP via Getty Images
Who wore it better?

So much drama! The House removed someone!

Yes, the White House ejected Commander "Sir Bites A Lot" Biden from the presidential residence. If you're up on his antics, you'll at least get this week's bonus question. There was drama in another House, too, but no one's talking about that.

To get the full 11 out of 11, you'll need to know your Nobels. And some Vatican vocab, and how the scientific method works. High-school French won't hurt, either.

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Holly J. Morris
Holly J. Morris works on NPR's Training team. She was an editor at The Washington Post Express, National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report, and a college teacher.
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