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Oil Money And Gay Men Disrupt Jamboree In Eastern Montana

Sam Kelvig, a third-generation resident, will do just about anything to protect Grandview from the influx of new oil money and the strangers chasing it. Meanwhile, his restless wife, Patricia, wearies of the constraints of marriage to a man who is so tied to his community; Sam’s estranged son, Norby, has reluctantly returned home despite the family’s struggle with accepting his sexuality; Henrik, Sam’s volatile brother, is looking for any easy opportunity; and Blanche, the family matriarch, only wants a bit of peace before she dies. As Jamboree goes into full swing, the disputes and desires of the Kelvigs—and their friends and neighbors—collide, fueled by both longtime resentments and an irrepressible hope to preserve their family and hometown. In the sweltering heat of a Montana July, the small town of Grandview readies for its annual Jamboree. The event is meant to celebrate community, but this year tensions boil over, threatening to tear the town, and a family, apart.

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Credit Casey Page
Craig Lancaster

Craig Lancaster broke onto the literary scene in the fall of 2009 with the publication of his debut novel, 600 Hours of Edward , by Riverbend Publishing in Helena, Montana. That book was a 2009 Montana Honor Book and the 2010 High Plains Book Award winner in the first-book category. Since then, he has written and published four additional novels and a collection of short stories.

Chérie Newman is an arts and humanities producer and on-air host for Montana Public Radio, and a freelance writer. Her weekly literary program, The Write Question, is broadcast on several public radio stations, and available online at and
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