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An Iraqi Poet In Montana

Sara Habein and Tyson Habein
Nouveau Nostalgia

Saif Alsaegh was a young boy living in Baghdad, Iraq, on September 11, 2001. At the time, he and the other members of his family didn't even know where Afghanistan was. But they had been "under the influence of war" for many years. During this program he talks about war and the effects his experiences have had on his art — writing poetry, plays, and films. He also reads from his collection of poetry titled Iraqi Headaches and talks about attending college in Great Falls, Montana.

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Saif Alseagh

Saif Alsaegh, an Iraqi poet\writer from Baghdad living and studying in the United States, writes poetry, plays, and short stories. He also make short films. He has performed his poetry in New York, California, Oklahoma, Montana, and Pennsylvania. He has published poems in many newspapers and publications, including The River the Palm Tree, Witness Magazine in New York, and the Great Falls Tribune . He is a two-time Step to the Mic Poetry Slam Champion (Great Falls, MT). Saif's plays have been preformed at the University of Great Falls and the University of Oklahoma. His poetry collection titled Iraqi Headaches was released 2013.

Look for more information about Saif Alsaegh at his blog.

Chérie Newman is a former arts and humanities producer and on-air host for Montana Public Radio, and a freelance writer. She founded and previously hosted a weekly literary program, The Write Question, which continues to air on several public radio stations; it is also available online at and
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