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"Pow-wow Fever"

Nakoda Sky People, poems by Minerva Allen

In a few days it strikes
Everyone in Indian Country,
Be Canada or wherever.

Drums vibrating,
The high pitched tones carry a chant.

Laughter of children,
Whispering of lovers,
Not too old or young to join.
Tipis, tents, campers and trailers
Stand symbolic as the sun sets.

The night carries many songs:
Contests, 49's, doorway songs and
owl songs,
"I will take you home,
in my one-eyed Ford!"

The excitement,
A new dance outfit.
Contest man, $700 bucks to win,
Two more days.
Wow, another pow-wow!


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Minerva Allen
Minerva Allen

Minerva Allen (Lodge Pole, MT) grew up on the Fort Belknap Reservation with her grandparents. She entered school at age five speaking Assiniboine and Gros Ventre and learned English so quickly she served as tutor for other students in her elementary school. She is a life-long educator. She has worked as Head Start Director, Bilingual Director and Federal Programs Director at the Hays Lodge Pole School District, and served as President of the Montana Bilingual Education Association. She is the mother of eight children (and raised six more) and numerous grandchildren.

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