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Yellowstone Has Teeth

Yellowstone Has Teeth, a memoir by Marjane Ambler

Marjane Ambler talks about and reads from 'Yellowstone Has Teeth: A memoir of living year-round in the world's first national park.'

About the book:

When Marjane Ambler and her husband, Terry Wehrman, lived in Yellowstone from 1984 until 1993, storytelling was still the favorite community pastime. A journalist by training, Marjane could not resist chronicling those stories of life on a modern frontier.

A trip to the grocery store involved a 30-mile snowmobile ride through bison herds over a treacherous pass. Everyone they knew -- including themselves -- was transformed by living amongst bison and bears, forest fires, avalanches, and whiteouts. The book explores the joys and the hardships of their lives.

The music in this program was written and performed by John Flordis.

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Marjane Ambler
Marjane Ambler

Marjane Ambler has been a journalist since 1968. She was an associate editor of High Country News (an environmental newspaper) from 1974-1980.

Marjane and her husband, Terry Wehrman, lived in Yellowstone National Park year-round from 1984 to 1993 where they "caught" the stories of their neighbors and acquaintainces. They could live there because Terry was an NPS heavy equipment operator: He groomed the roads during the winter and served as the Lake District Road Foreman during the summer. For four summers (1990-1993), Marjane served as a seasonal interpretative ranger for the National Park Service. One of her programs told the stories of people who lived in the park during the 1930s-1970s.

Now retired from the park service, Marjane and Terry divide the year between Atlantic City, Wyoming (not far from Yellowstone) and Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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