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Smaller Lives That Made Big Differences

In 2006, plenty of obituaries made the front page, from a former president to the Godfather of Soul. But hidden deeper in the newspaper were people who quietly made a difference in fields like jazz, ecology, and civil rights. We look back at more modest lives that made a difference.


Bob Mondello on Anthony Mondello

* Anthony Mondello was a civil rights attorney; Bob Mondello is an NPR film critic

Heinrich Christensen on Daniel Pinkham

* Pinkham was director of music, King's Chapel, Boston, and a professor of composition at the New England Conservatory; Christensen is the Director of Music, King's Chapel, Boston

Joanne Silberner on Andrew Spielman

* Andrew Spielman was a Harvard entomologist; Joanne Siberner is a health policy correspondent for NPR

Brian Tokay on Murray Bookchin

* Murray Bookchin was an anarchist ecologist, who founded the Institute for Social Ecology; Brian Tokar teaches at the Institute for Social Ecology, Plainfield, Vt.

Marilyn Johnson, author of The Dead Beat: lost souls, lucky stiffs, and the perverse pleasures of obituaries

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