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Schiavo's Previous Guardian

Dr. Jay Wolfson is a professor of public health and law at the University of South Florida; in 2003, a Florida court appointed him to be Terri Schiavo's guardian ad litem for a month, seeking data on mental abilities disputed by Schiavo's husband and parents.

Wolfson recommended that both parties in the case abide by the results of tests -- including a swallowing test -- which would gauge Schiavo's cognitive ability. In the end, he couldn't get them to agree.

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Wolfson.

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Robert Siegel
Prior to his retirement, Robert Siegel was the senior host of NPR's award-winning evening newsmagazine All Things Considered. With 40 years of experience working in radio news, Siegel hosted the country's most-listened-to, afternoon-drive-time news radio program and reported on stories and happenings all over the globe, and reported from a variety of locations across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. He signed off in his final broadcast of All Things Considered on January 5, 2018.
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