Sen. Daines bringing Hi-Country beef jerky to Montana’s 495th CSSB.
Courtesy Sen. Daines.

Senator Steve Daines visited Turkey and Afghanistan last weekend, meeting with top U.S. military and diplomatic officials, and with Montana National Guard troops stationed in Afghanistan.

About 60 soldiers with the Kalispell-based 495th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion deployed there in June. Daines spoke with Montana reporters about his visit today.

Veterans Coming Home: Finding What Works

Oct 26, 2018
Veterans Coming Home aims to help veterans and their communities understand the opportunities and challenges faced during the transition to civilian life.
Veterans Coming Home

MontanaPBS is proud to bring you stories of local Montana veterans for the 2018 season of Veterans Coming Home: Finding What Works. These stories, produced in partnership with Kindling Group, explores successful solutions to veteran reintegration that are benefiting individuals and their communities by capitalizing on veterans as assets and leaders. Finding What Works is a cross-platform project that integrates a core digital video series, photo essays and written content with digital distribution strategy and partnerships that build audience, facilitate conversation, and drive people to action.

From Real Life To Fiction: Novels By Gwen Florio

Nov 16, 2016

When former foreign correspondent Lola Wicks heads to Wyoming for a Yellowstone vacation, she comes across a story that hits close to her past. One Wyoming soldier returning from Afghanistan commits suicide, two others spark a near-fatal brawl, and a woman is terrorized. Lola, accompanied by her young daughter, senses a story about whatever happened on the far side of the world that these troops have brought so disastrously home. But she soon realizes that getting the story must take second place to getting herself—and her little girl—out of Wyoming alive.

An Iraqi Poet In Montana

Oct 27, 2015
Sara Habein and Tyson Habein / Nouveau Nostalgia

Saif Alsaegh was a young boy living in Baghdad, Iraq, on September 11, 2001. At the time, he and the other members of his family didn't even know where Afghanistan was. But they had been "under the influence of war" for many years. During this program he talks about war and the effects his experiences have had on his art — writing poetry, plays, and films. He also reads from his collection of poetry titled Iraqi Headaches and talks about attending college in Great Falls, Montana.

Film, Montana Art Museum Exhibit Examine WWII POWs

Sep 9, 2015

The actress Loretta Swit — best known for her role as Major “Hotlips” Houlihan in the popular TV show M.A.S.H. — is in Missoula. She’s here for a screening of “Never The Same” — a film about American prisoners of Imperial Japan during World War II. The screening coincides with an exhibit at the Montana Museum of Art & Culture that features pieces by Montana artist Ben Steele.