Vietnam war

Prisoners lined up for release on 27 March 1973 at the airport.
Wikimedia Commons

Shot down in the early days of the Vietnam War, Lt. Commander Denny Moore endured seven and a half years in eight different North Vietnam prisons including three internments in the infamous Hoa Lo - dubbed “The Hanoi Hilton” by the POWs.

Denny Moore has kept his personal story to himself until now.

Rep. Ryan Zinke (right), a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran, handed out the lapel pins to local veterans who served on active duty during the Vietnam War years.
Edward O'Brien

Montana Representative Ryan Zinke told Vietnam war veterans in Missoula today that theirs was America’s "unsettled" war. Zinke presented 50th Anniversary Commemorative Vietnam Veteran lapel pins to dozens of vets at Rose Park's memorial.

Frenchtown Veteran Recalls His Experience In Vietnam

Nov 10, 2015
Roger Cox in Vietnam.

This Veterans Day we're bringing you the story of a Montana Marine who saw combat in Vietnam. Roger Cox, who now lives in Frenchtown, also spent 14 seasons as a smokejumper out of Missoula. He's 70-years-old, but still remembers exactly what it was like to be a college kid landing in Vietnam.