research found the biggest reasons for teacher turnover isn’t retirement, changing careers or moving for family reasons. Teachers were just unhappy with their jobs.

Today, an interim legislative committee looked into why schools have such a hard time finding and retaining qualified teachers.

University of Pennsylvania researcher Richard Ingersoll told state lawmakers that the problem isn’t a shortage of teachers, as much as it is teacher turnover. And keeping those teachers from leaving the profession.

Susan K. Adams

In this episode of Mountain West Voices, Lorraine Rivers Tucker recalls the journey that took her from the rough Montana copper mining town of her childhood, to a Dominican convent in Wisconsin, to Mobile, Alabama in the early 1960s.

Jim Schulz, Helena, MT
Clay Scott

This week on Mountain West Voices, we visit the class of award-winning biology teacher Jim Schulz, of Helena, Montana, on his last day of teaching before he retires.

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