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Flickr user, Stacy Spensley. (CC-BY-2.0)

It took Food Guy Greg Patent a long time to warm up to winter squash, but now he's such a squash-champion, he incorporated it into a salad recipe. Winter squashes are excellent roasted. Their natural sugars caramelize in a hot oven to lend a terrific umami oomph to not only the squash but to the beets and potatoes that join them in this recipe. Greg writes:

Can Do: Rebranding A Company In the Fintech Market

Nov 16, 2018
Eric Hathaway, vice president of marketing at Zoot Enterprises. LinkedIn headshot Nov. 16, 2018.
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When Zoot Enterprises hired Eric Hathaway three years ago, it didn’t realize that in order to grow, the financial services technology provider would need to refresh its entire brand. But Hathaway thrives on change. “I love to help businesses move to the next level – it drives me,” says Hathaway, Zoot’s vice president of marketing.

Hathaway, who has a global business leadership resume including Credit Suisse, Standard & Poor's, Microsoft and T-Mobile, helped Zoot reposition itself in the “fintech” – financial technology – market and change the way it sold itself, communicated and found new clients.

Today on “Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs,” host Arnie Sherman and Hathaway discuss what it takes to rebrand a 25-year-old organization and turn it into the leader in its industry.

What makes a home? What do equality, safety, and politics have to do with it? And why is it so important to us to feel like we belong? In this collection, 30 women writers explore the theme in personal essays about neighbors, marriage, kids, sentimental objects, homelessness, domestic violence, solitude, immigration, gentrification, geography, and more.

'Field Notes:' North America's Pleistocene Megafauna

Nov 13, 2018
Artist's rendering of an American mastadon.
Charles R. Knight (PD)

A cheetah crouches in the tall grass. Pronghorn graze warily in the cool summer breeze. After minutes of quiet patience the cheetah erupts into a burst of muscle and speed. A small herd of pronghorn sprint into action, their nimble legs churning ground. A race for life ensues as the cheetah and pronghorn tear across the prairie. But bad luck this time for the cheetah; it retires to the shade for another hungry morning as the pronghorn dance away into the grass.

Asian Sauces Can Pep Up Your Cooking

Nov 11, 2018
Marco Verch (CC-BY-2.0)

Asian sauces add zip to more than just Chinese dishes; they can pep up barbecue, chili, duck, chicken or broccoli. Chinese chefs use these off-the-shelf sauces in their kitchens, so you can, too.  Oyster sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, chili paste, black bean sauce with garlic, plum sauce, satay sauce, sriracha: all of them keep well on the shelf or in the fridge. They'll serve as a condiment, a spice, or a marinade.