Sponsor Testimonials

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Here’s what some of our sponsors are saying...

Shawn Modula, Family Dental Group, Missoula
"If you love MTPR like we do, you can’t help but connect with MTPR listeners as friends and customers. We rely on MTPR for comprehensive news and professional journalism. As dedicated members of our community, it is our duty to step up and support this essential information resource.”

Maggie Doherty, Kalispell Brewing, Kalispell
“We grew up on public radio and it’s a vital source for news, music and great programming. In launching our own business, we knew right away that we wanted to support MTPR. Plus, our customers appreciate it too.  We value MTPR personally and professionally.”

Denny Gignoux, Glacier Guides,  West Glacier
“We advertise with MTPR because we love the coverage area in western/central MT, we love the diverse group of listeners (age, background), we love the programming and listen ourselves since the early 80’s. How else could you economically reach the coverage area while maintaining the sense of place that is Montana?"

Barbara Theroux, Fact and Fiction, Missoula
“Our radio is always tuned into MTPR so that we can stay one step ahead of our customers. Our customers always thank us for supporting MTPR.”

David Cohen, Genesis Kitchen, Whitefish
“One day I was having a blast listening to Free Forms and thought to myself…I should sponsor this show, it is just so awesome and then BAM…there was our spot in all its glory. Happy to be an MTPR sponsor.”

Sandy Courtnage, Great Falls
"We appreciate MTPR's commitment to creating local content that appeals to city and rural communities. Montana Farmers Union looks forward to a successful and collaborative partnership with MTPR for years to come."