The Wood Brothers: Musical Democracy And Instrumental Telepathy

May 23, 2018

From childhood, Chris and Oliver Wood grew up hearing their dad's renditions of American roots music and their mother's poetry. They both became musicians: Oliver wrote songs and formed the blues/funk/r & b/country band, King Johnson, while Chris became a jazz bassist and co-founded the avant-groove trio, Medeski, Martin and Wood.

In 2005, after the brothers had pursued separate musical careers for fifteen years, their mother, poet Renate Wood, entered the final stages of ALS. That's when they started recording demo songs as The Wood Brothers.  The 2018 self-produced release, "One Drop of Truth," is the band's sixth full-length album together.

Chris says, “The influence for the Wood Brothers, it's a lot of the same stuff we were listening to in the van with Medeski, Martin and Wood.”

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