'Tail End Of The Tail End' On Wednesday Freeforms

Dec 22, 2016

It takes about 24 songs to fill a typical Freeforms Show. Less if you’re playing a lot of Carla Bley. I bring in 26 in case the show runs short, but invariably I never get around to playing the last two. They’re the "tail end" to Freeforms.

Now – let’s do some math. With 12 shows a year and 2 extra songs per show. Ca-Ching! That’s right! This show just made itself! It’s like it was meant to be! 

Official MTPR mascots Crimson and Clover give 2 tails up to Gus' end of the year Freeforms.

And since December 28 is the "tail end" of the year, I’m giving this show a special name.

Join me, Gus Chambers, for the "Tail End of the Tail End" Wednesday, December 28 at 11:00 a.m. for 24 songs that I meant to play in 2016 but didn’t have time for.

I’m wondering – which 2 songs should I bring in case the show runs short?