Robert Nighthawk, And What Is Americana? On 'Get To That'

Sep 8, 2015

Americana can mean a lot of different things. To Sam Manno, it brings to mind Robert Nighthawk, who Sam happened upon on Maxwell Street in Chicago one cold April morning in 1983. Sam took these pictures while working on a documentary project about Maxwell Street. He'll play some Robert Nighthawk on tonight's "Get To That", 10:00 p.m. on your radio or online.

Sam sees Americana music as a big tent. He has no problem putting the likes of Aaron Copeland, Frank Sinatra, and even the Rolling Stones and Beatles right next to Nighthawk under the "Americana" category.

How do you define Americana music? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Enjoy a taste of Robert Nighthawk's "Live from Maxwell Street"