Noam Chomsky - It's In Your Hands

May 8, 2015

05/10/2015 - An effective propaganda system encourages people to be discouraged. Hey! Worry about the Kardashian’s latest news. Leave the complicated matters of domestic and foreign affairs to the smart guys. This is a recipe for disaster because the ruling class will attend acutely to its interests at the expense of everyone and everything else including the planet. This indifference to the 99% and the environment was dramatically revealed in a 2015 poll of CEOs at Davos. Every year the so-called “masters of the universe” meet in the Swiss Alps. The poll asked them to list their major concerns. They had 19. Climate change was not one of them. No surprise. The big boys have other things on their minds like making money. It’s an institutional imperative. Will the changes to avert eco-catastrophes come from the top? Highly unlikely. We the People must act.