MTPR Is Made By You: A Message From Director Ray Ekness

Apr 4, 2018

Friends and Supporters:

MTPR is made for you by the talented, dedicated and trustworthy staff located in Montana and across the country. MTPR is also made by you, in that wonderful “of and by the people” way we all cherish. Some of us listen and donate, some gather and present news, some curate playlists and others connect us to lifelong discovery.

Your investment in MTPR has never been more important, because this year MTPR is counting on your donations for a full 75 percent of the funding it takes to provide the quality news and music you rely on. Yes, 75 percent.

Ray Ekness is the director of the Broadcast Media Center.

You may have heard that the budget recommended by The White House has zeroed-out funding for public broadcasting. We’ll keep you informed as the long process of working the new budget through the U.S. Congress progresses. One way to stay informed and stand up for this core funding is to sign up for email alerts from Protect My Public Media.

As the University of Montana makes final strategic program and budget decisions, MTPR is faced with the possibility of losing UM funding for our chief engineer, a position mandated by the FCC, and the person who makes sure our transmitters are working, sending you the MTPR signal at all hours of the day.

Through all this uncertainty, one thing we can always count on is you. You donate, you listen and you engage with MTPR to make it the best public radio service for you, your family, and your community. You are MTPR’s greatest strength.

Ray Ekness, Director