If elected, he’ll take the lead on sexual assault cases

May 15, 2014

Democratic Missoula county attorney candidate Josh Van de Wetering

One of the two candidates for Missoula county attorney running in the Democratic primary will be the next county attorney - because there are no Republican candidates.
        That person will succeed the retiring incumbent Fred Van Valkenburg, who is locked in a fight with the federal Justice department over how his office has handled past sexual assault cases.
    Both the candidates - Kirsten Pabst and Josh Van de Wetering - have worked in the county attorney's office before and both are now in private practice.
    Last night we aired an interview with Pabst; tonight News Director Sally Mauk talks with Van de Wetering about his views of how the current county attorney's office has functioned, and what he would change.
    He agrees with critics who say the office has mishandled several civil cases.