Hearst Awards Honor Former MTPR Student Reporter

Feb 16, 2016

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program has named their top 10 winners for the radio news and features category. Former MTPR student reporter and UM School of Journalism graduate, Emily Proctor placed ninth in the nation.

Proctor submitted two stories, one about the recollections of a Vietnam veteran now living in Frenchtown, and another on the Senior Companions program in Missoula.

Proctor is the latest MTPR student reporter to be honored by the Hearst Awards. In 2014, Christpher Allen won first place at the national competition for the Hearst Awards, and last year Madelyn Beck won second at nationals.

MTPR is proud of our former student reporters, and are excited to hear what they might produce next. Congratulations Emily! Keep up the good work.