Hear About Hope's Herd On Children's Corner

Apr 14, 2016

Fed up with being alone in a herd of 35, Hope created her own herd all - in one day. took Dexter, a buck, five months to get there.


On May 1 last year, Hope gave birth to triplet does named Persistence, Compassion and Forgiveness, and started a herd of her own.


Often after the evening chores and just before heading off to bed, I walk through the barn and say goodnight to the “girls.” The goats lie in groups, which are their family units, made up of the does, their kids, and any grandkids.


Tune in to "The Children’s Corner" on Saturday, April 16,  from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m., when I will talk about how these family units make my life as their shepherd a joy, and how they help the herd survive.