Freeforms Host Swallowed By Vortex

Oct 27, 2016

While visiting Montana’s House of Mystery in Columbia Falls, Wednesday Free Forms host Gus Chambers inexplicably vanished. Local authorities could give no reason for the curious phenomenon.

Selfie taken prior to Chambers' disappearance

“Listeners looking for Gus on Wednesday will be sorely disappointed,” said program director Michael Marsolek. “Or relieved depending on how you look at it,” he added.

"Don't squeeze the shaman," warns Chambers from the spirit world.

Marsolek went on to say that an eerie vapor resembling Chambers will reappear during Monday Free Forms, Halloween Day. “Apparently he’ll be a voice from beyond hosting another one of his Halloween Specials. “ But vapors and gas are something we’re used to around here when Gus is in the Control Room, “ explained Marsolek.

“The program will feature new ‘old’ music with a fresh lineup of singers and songs”, said Chambers. “Bobby 'Boris' Pickett is OUT, Santana is IN. I’ve retained a lot of the same old movie clips, though. Whatever dimension I’m in doesn’t seem to have cable.”

Tune in on Halloween Day, Oct. 31st. at 11:00 in the morning .

“Be warned,” advises Marsolek, “ as Gus plans to release all of his inner demons.”

Chambers' inner demons