Facing Race In Montana

Mar 2, 2018

According to the 2010 U.S. census, Montana is among the whitest states in the country. That means 90 percent or more of the population is Caucasian. But does that mean Montana is free of the racial friction that has surfaced across the country? For the next hour we'll look at the reality of race in Montana.

You'll hear six word essays on race from people around the state.

You'll find out where the concept of race came from and how it's played out in Montana.

History will look at implicit bias and why Native Americans and other minorities are overly represented in the state's criminal justice system.

You'll hear about the experiences of three African-American students who moved from Southern California to Montana.

And you'll meet some people who are dedicated to changing the lenses we use to view minorities.

Listen in now on "Facing Race in Montana."

"Facing Race in Montana" was made possible with the support of the University of Montana and the UM School of Journalism.