The Chicken Definitely Came Before The Egg … Then Goats

Mar 31, 2016

In my case the chicken came before the egg … then goats, all in an attempt to be closer to my food in an urban environment; and it all started with snakes. That is how we ended up on Mt Sentinel a couple of weeks ago with Zoey showing her kids, Empathy and Intuition the "ropes," actually the "rocks," of Urban living.

After deciding to give milk and cheese production a try at my home in downtown Missoula, I acquired two doeling dairy goat kids in the spring of 2009.

With the kids came the responsibility to exercise them. A bored goat is not a happy goat and prone to get into trouble. But also a well-behaved goat is a sick goat.

Where else would one exercise goats native to the Swiss Alps than on a mountain? Luckily there was one just 6 blocks from my house and a river trail to get us there.

Join me Saturday April 2, at 7:00 a.m. during the "Children’s Corner" as I trace my path from snakes, to chickens, and the desire for local milk to Mt. Sentinel walking with goats.