2018 Campaign Brings President Trump To Great Falls

Jul 5, 2018

President Trump will be in Great Falls this afternoon to campaign against Senator Jon Tester.

The two-term Democratic incumbent says he welcomes the visit.

"Hope he has the opportunity to take a look at some of the challenges we have in the state, whether it’s getting around to some of our veterans clinics, especially in our rural towns, to make sure he sees the challenges they have," Tester says.

"You know, he’s going to be fairly close to the northern border, so he ought to run up and take a look at what’s needed up there to keep that border secure.

"And then challenges around infrastructure, particularly broadband, but also our roads and bridges. If he could get around to see some of that stuff I think it could be a big help.”

In May President Trump called on Tester to resign after Tester made public allegations from more than 20 members of the Veterans Administration and military that Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs was unfit for office. Admiral Ronny Jackson then withdrew his nomination.

Tester’s Republican challenger, State Auditor Matt Rosendale will join President Trump in Great Falls. An anti-Trump protest is planned outside Great Falls’ Four Seasons Arena, where the President will be speaking.