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Nicky is MTPR's Flathead-area reporter. Nicky returns to the Flathead Valley after wrapping up her graduate studies at the University of Montana's environmental science journalism program.

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A stream gauge on Willow Creek

A state legislative committee is asking Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to work with Montana’s Congressional delegation to finalize a handful of water rights agreements.

Montana’s Water Policy Interim Committee says federal help in two key areas will lead Montana to having one of the most legally complete set of water rights agreements in the West.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed the Great Northern Veterans Peace Park ten years ago to commemorate contributions by veterans and the railroad to Whitefish
Nicky Ouellet

An undeveloped park in Whitefish has attracted national attention because it reportedly links Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to trading favors with an oil pipeline chairman and former executive.

Protesters hold signs outside the Great Falls area where President Trump is campaigning, July 5, 2018.
Nora Saks

As President Donald Trump spoke at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls Thursday evening, a few hundred people protested his policies and general demeanor a parking lot away.

Protesters line up outside a Trump campaign rally in Great Falls, MT, July 5, 2018.
Nora Saks

President Trump’s visit to Great Falls today also drew protesters. MTPR’s Nicky Ouellet was on the Expo Park grounds where anti-Trump demonstrators were gathered. MTPR News Director Eric Whitney spoke with her as the president was wrapping up his remarks inside.

Nicky Ouellet

When Anson Nygaard returned to the states after two years of active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, he headed straight for the Pacific Crest Trail.