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Wheat field.

Sen. Jon Tester and the president of the Montana Grain Growers Association both spoke in Congress Wednesday about negative effects they say President Trump’s trade policies are having on Montana farmers.

Screenshot from website publicized by Matt Rosendale on Monday, July 16, 2018.

Montana U.S. Senate candidates Matt Rosendale and Jon Tester are trading barbs over congressional confirmations.

Monday morning Rosendale, the Republican challenger, publicized a new website he created hammering Democrat Tester for opposing judicial nominees put forward by President Trump.

the 2017 Rice Ridge Fire near Seeley Lake

The State’s fire fighting savings account started this month with the second lowest balance since it was created a decade ago.

There’s only about $4 million in the fund’s reserves for this fire season. That’s about a fifth of what the state needs to cover an average fire season bill.

Protesters line up outside a Trump campaign rally in Great Falls, MT, July 5, 2018.
Nora Saks

President Trump’s visit to Great Falls today also drew protesters. MTPR’s Nicky Ouellet was on the Expo Park grounds where anti-Trump demonstrators were gathered. MTPR News Director Eric Whitney spoke with her as the president was wrapping up his remarks inside.

Senator Jon Tester recording a video message in his Washington, DC office in May
Eric Whitney

Democratic Senator Jon Tester was in Missoula Friday to rally his campaign staff and volunteers ahead of President Donald Trump visiting the state on Thursday

"A day of action," is what he asked them to help him with. "A day of action July fifth. If anybody is not out camping and you're in town and you can knock on a few doors and drop a few door cards I'd really appreciate it."